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A Declaration of Principles

Ver. FINAL 1.0.1, Dec. 2019

WE, the people, live in a society. Hopefully, it’s one which can’t tell the difference between the opening words of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Not that not knowing the difference will hide the fact that I’m neither a persuasive writer nor a deep thinker; I’m just your average American citizen, jerking off over the ashy corpses of the Founding Fathers.

Listed below are the principles I adhere to. They are completely immutable and not subject to change. As such, they will not be updated no matter how much they are examined.

  1. Value freedom[1] above all things. Freedom is an absolute.
  2. Except there is no such thing as absolutes; everything is equally subject to scrutiny and no power should exist unchecked.
  3. So freedom is checked by reason[2].
[1] An act is considered free when it is taken with an awareness of all possible options and the ability to select from those options based purely on one’s own intuition.

[2] Reason is defined as the ability to recognise and interpret objective fact. Written by Eric Tang, year of our Lord, two thousand and nineteen.

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