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By Eric Tang

(Two friends are looking at a vase)

“That’s a nice vase.”

“Yes, it’s quite nice. A quite nice vase.”

“Do you think the vase likes me?”


“Do you think the vase likes me?”

“Why don’t you ask the vase?”

“I can’t go ask.”

“Do you like the vase?”

“No. No... Maybe. No. I just think it’s a nice vase.”

“The vase has nice curves.”

“It’s more than the curves. Or the carvings.”

“Why don’t you be brave and ask?”

“The vase is curvy, and deep, and intricate, whereas I am fragile and shallow.”

“Love is brave.”

“But not reckless. And who’s to say there is love? It’s just a nice vase.”

“Take the vase by the handle, walk with the vase, then tell the vase how you feel. The vase will understand.”

“Many people must say that the vase is pretty.”

“What do you have to lose?”

“Dignity. Confidence. Self respect.”

“Even if the vase turns you down, you will be a better man for this.”


“But have faith. The vase enjoys your company. Look it’s waving to you.”

“It is only being polite. But maybe you are right. I should have courage.”

“Take heart.”

“Hey guys. What are you talking about?”

“Vases, apparently.”

Written Nov, 2016 for Writing Sense at PMA
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