What is ericdotcom?

Hosted here are the creative works of the enigma Eric Tang. Writer. Artist. Programmer?

Website News

This website was last updated July, 2018.

Brand new movies page:

Other Changes

  • Error page now tells you an error has occured and offers to send you to the homepage
  • New favicon
  • Changed some directory names (no ones linking here so it should be fine)
  • Overhaul to the website's stylesheets, exchanging scalability for consistency
  • Other optimizations to code which was ugly and still kind of is
  • "Cold as Heck" no longer the highlighted writing

To do

  • Reintroduce scalability or make the website more mobile friendly.
  • Make an error page that tells you exactly what error occured.
  • Add more content, especially to non-movie sections
  • Rewrite site so that it doesn't suck. Anyone know PHP and/or SQL?
portrait of the artist as a young hegehog